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Lifehacker “Nemo Documents Displays Your Files in an Incredibly Intuitive Calendar View”

The Kim Komando Show “Locate documents quickly.” - Featured as download of the day.

“The only real question is why I haven’t seen more of this sort of thing previously, and why Microsoft haven’t built it into the operating system.”

“One of the things that I like best about Nemo Documents and one of the features that has the most potential is the file previews.”
“I can see the calendar view being useful to anyone that is GTD-conscious (red: Getting Things Done) and may want to review files that s/he is working on.”

gizmo's freeware
“A Whole New Genre of File Manager?”

“Nemo Documents features an intuitive, user friendly interface”

navigaweb (in Italian)
“This program is pure innovation and a great idea that will certainly improve the work of those who have to deal with many types of files and many versions of documents or images that belong to the same projects or clients.”

Peopleware (in Portuguese)
“Nemo Documents is a tool that will become almost mandatory after the test.”

Gigazine (in Japanese)

online tech tips

Web (in French)

ZDNet (in Dutch)

電腦玩物 (in Chinese)

Biz.ID (in Japanese)

Bangkok post
“This is seriously superior to the Windows Explorer as a file tracker”

Forest impress article (in Japanese) (in Czech)
“The application is particularly suitable for those who often work with files and need to have them in order.”

Italia sw magazine (in Italian), follow up

Addictivetips, follow up
“The interface is well-designed and has a broad layout, allowing users to view all the documents that has been in usage since user-selected days or months.”
“The uniqueness of this software is that is organizes files visually into a calendar style basis this is somewhat similar to outlook or Google calendar.”

Geekissimo (in Italian)

PusatGratis (in Indonesian) (in Chinese)